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The writers of this blog are pet owners and are considered to be pet whisperers. Pet whisperers are individuals who are believed to communicate with animals.

Marta and Yumi were best of friends in college where they studied veterinary medicine as their major. Aside from the love of animals, they know that they have an extra talent which is beneficial to both pets and pet owners and that is why they write to communicate to the world.

The blogs that they have written are all about pets just like the advantages of having one and most importantly tips in choosing which pet is right for you and your family.


Total care of your pet

The company always believes that pets are good forms of therapy most especially if these pets are treated well. They can help people in their mood, their health, and most especially they can help them in doing their daily chores in life.

However, it is a reality that not all people know how to handle pets and this is the reason why the authors– Marta and Yumi, want to share their knowledge and expertise as vets and as animal whisperers.

They believe that if pets are treated well, they will bring you daily therapy and dose of happiness.

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